My name is Jesse Freeman and I am a Gaming Evangelist at Amazon.

This is a collection of some of my most popular HTML5 games.

New Super Resident Raver

Super Resident Raver

Super Resident Raver revolves around 3 basic mechanics: rescue people, collect weapons and kill raver zombies.

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Super Jetroid

Super Jetroid

In Super Jetroid you are a space explorer looking for crystals, alien artifacts and new life forms on different planets.

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Super Paper Monster Smasher

Super Paper Monster Smasher

It’s your turn to finally take over as the monster and smash everything in your way.

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Want to make games like these?

Each one of my featured games has been built on top of one of my starter kits or asset packs.

Lynda Unity 2D Essential Training

Game Starter Kits

Get access to some the code I used to help make my own games. Each starter kit will show you how to quickly setup and customize a pre-built HTML5 game using ImpactJS.

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Game Art Packs

Making a game is hard enough so why worry about the art. Use one of my free art packs to make your game look good from the start.

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Game Jam Games

I love game jams! Ludum Dare is my all time favorite and here are some featured games from that compo.

Twitch 21

Twitch 21

Twitch 21 is a minimalistic take on Black Jack (21). You are given a number with 5 additional numbers below. Pick the right combination to add up to 21 to win the round!

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Super Box Boy Flies

Super Box Boy Flies

Super Box Boy has a dream, he wants to fly for 10 seconds and only you can help him do this by jumping on his trampoline. In essence you control Super Box Boy who wants to stay airborne for 10 seconds. To help him you need to bounce on a trampoline. This was my game for Ludum Dare 27.

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Game In Progress

Here are some of my game concepts or works in progress.

Super Falling Zombies

Super Falling Zombies is a quick game I made for my July One Game A Month submission. It is heavily inspired by the incredibly popular Falling Balls game created by Keith Peters.

Super Zombie Runner

A really horrible attempt at making a endless runner game in less than 24 hours. Don’t worry, it will get better over the next few days as I update it but wanted to get it up early.

Word Scramble

Word Scramble is a simple 5 letter word scramble game where you have to figure out the correct word from the supplied letters.

Super Jetroid 2

Super Jetroid 2 is the sequel to my hit HTML5 game from my February 1Gam submission. Now with all new levels, shorter more focused game design and updated graphic effects.

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